Gooey chocolate fridge cake

I really need a new kitchen. The cupboard doors are falling off, the worktops slope down so that water runs into the corner and pools there behind the tea and coffee canisters. The tiles are so retro, they’re almost fashionable again. But mostly, I need a new kitchen so that I can take instaworthy pictures of my baking. For now, you’ll have to do with pictures taken in the fridge/on top of a biscuit tin/disguised with tea towels. But trust me, this fridge cake tastes better than the photos can do justice!
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Afternoon tea cake

There’s something so delightfully British about a Sunday high tea. Imagine the scene: you’ve had a huge dinner at Grandma’s house, with roast lamb and overcooked vegetables. Then you’ve had a bit of a snooze, followed by a lazy game of cricket in the garden. Before you know it, half-past 4 has rolled around, and it’s time to tuck into the spread of sweet food laid out for Sunday Tea. Scones, bread and butter, teacakes, crumpets, muffins, and a slice of light fruit cake! Nobody does excess better!

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Easter – all about the eggs?

I have a craft book which confidently asserts, “Easter is all about the eggs.” It’s not. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Easter as big as it is this year in the supermarkets. There’s Easter bonnets to decorate, Easter cards (honestly, who sends these?), Easter trees, Easter bunny headbands, Easter bunny bubble wands and more! The goodfood magazine is full of “Easter weekend traditions.” The message seems to be that Easter was a good old pagan tradition before those pesky Christians tried to appropriate it for themselves. Continue reading “Easter – all about the eggs?”

86. Caramelised pineapple, rum & vanilla upside-down cake

Home Cooking Made Easy p206

From low point to high point – a fantastic retro upside down cake! The unfashionable glace cherries have been replaced with raspberries, but its still the same nostalgic masterpiece. It just needs some cheese and pineapple cubes on cocktail sticks on a nearby plate to complete the image.

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60. and 61. Chocolate cheesecake and Rocky Road cake

Home Cooking Made Easy p195 and 219

For those of you with a nervous disposition, don’t worry. I may only be up to recipe 61 on the blog, but in real life, I’m actually a bit further on, and still hoping to reach 100 by the end of December. There are a number of recipes I’ve been putting off thinking, I’ll make that for Mr Cookingfanatic’s birthday. But honestly, how many birthday meals can one person have? II’d better crack on.
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Strawberry filled cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Apparently berries are “the way nature intended for us to cram our bodies full of oracs.” No, not whales, that’s orcas. Oracs stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity, so it basically just means antioxidants. Strawberries “contain all the summer micronutrients, but they also encourage iron absorption for the formation of strong blood.” If you honestly think this is a good reason to eat strawberries, you’re deluded. We eat strawberries because they taste so good.
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