24. Caramelised spiced nuts

Home Cooking Made Easy p23

Salted caramel is a massive food fad at the moment and this recipe therefore ticks some boxes on the “Things to be seen eating this year” list. It’s a very simple recipe, but the finished article is superb. Like the white chocolate cookies recipe, it’s worth buying the book for this alone.

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22. Paprika baked fish with chorizo, lemon & thyme

Home Cooking Made Easy p119

The smell of chorizo frying is unarguably a beautiful thing. More controversial, however, is its pronunciation. Do you go for the fully Anglicised cho-ritz-o, or the fully Spanish ko-ri-tho? I like to go for half and half: cho-ri-tho, to avoid sounding either ignorant or pretentious. I like to think it’s working.
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17. Stove-top haddock with fennel seeds & basil

Home Cooking Made Easy p87

Don’t you just love recipes where all the hard work is hidden in the ingredients list? For example, I found a lasagne recipe that called for 1.5kg tomatoes, peeled, pulp and seeds scooped out and chopped, then placed in a sieve, sprinkled with salt, drained for 20 minutes to extract the juice, what’s left in the sieve thrown away, juice and flesh kept to use. And that’s before you even start the cooking. (It was Heston Blumenthal, who never does anything the easy way).

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