Chicken Pastilla

For various reasons this week I haven’t had to cook many meals. So it made me feel more able to try something new. I’ve been meaning to cook some more Lorraine Pascale recipes from her first book “Baking Made Easy”.

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Chicken Casserole and Kedgeree

Mr Cookingfanatic has an extraordinary memory – although unable to remember anything he was taught in Science at school, he has an amazing capacity for remembering food. Particularly every meal he has eaten on every holiday he has ever been on. But the more mundane food memory unfortunately passes him by. When I sit down to do the online shopping order for the week, neither he nor I can remember 7 basic meals we eat.

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84. Pan-fried balsamic pear salad with pancetta and gorgonzola

Home Cooking Made Easy p123

“When it is cold outside, having a substantial salad with a warm dressing really is just the ticket.” It’s not though, is it? A hearty bean cassoulet would hit the spot, or a succulent roast chicken with all the trimmings. But a pear salad? No. This is a great summer dish, and good for a special lunch once in a while.

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82. and 83. Flavoured butters and Twice-cooked chicken kiev

Home Cooking Made Easy p238 and 133

I’m not very good at growing plants. My Mum wouldn’t let me have a pet as a child because she said I wouldn’t look after it, but she eventually let me have a cactus, which I killed. She may have had a point. When we lived in London, I forgot you had to water outside pot plants, because I was used to Manchester, where it’s always raining. Now baby cookingfanatic loves watering the houseplants and some of them have made a miraculous recovery.

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