Corduroy Oranges and Cranberry sauce

There are many¬†reasons to buy a real zester (instead of just using that side of a grater). For example, that knobbly side of a grater cuts your fingers, is hard work, and doesn’t produce as much zest as it produces washing up. However, the main reason is so that you can produce corduroy oranges like this:


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32. Hot buttered green beans with spring onions & pomegranate

Home Cooking Made Easy p144

According to Mr Cookingfanatic, “nobody likes green beans.” This green bean merchandise shows this is patently untrue (a bargain at ¬£14.20). However, they’re certainly not his favourite, so I was interested in this way of jazzing them up. Lorraine says her family can’t get enough of them, when cooked this way.
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