36. Beer-battered fish with chunky chips

Home Cooking Made Easy p75

One of the good things about forcing myself to do all the recipes in Home Cooking Made Easy is that I have to try new things. I wasn’t particularly keen to try deep frying, but there are a few deep fried recipes in the book, so I’m starting with fish and chips.
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32. Hot buttered green beans with spring onions & pomegranate

Home Cooking Made Easy p144

According to Mr Cookingfanatic, “nobody likes green beans.” This green bean merchandise shows this is patently untrue (a bargain at £14.20). However, they’re certainly not his favourite, so I was interested in this way of jazzing them up. Lorraine says her family can’t get enough of them, when cooked this way.
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31. Warm & cosy coq au vin

Home Cooking Made Easy p92

I have a problem with “The Little Paris Kitchen” currently on BBC. Rachel Khoo is pretending to do real French food, but she’s adding so much of a British twist that it’s about as French as the doughy baguettes you get in English supermarkets. She cooks croque madame with sliced bread, lamb stew with mint sauce (the French hate mint sauce with meat) and coq au vin kebabs. As the guardian reviewer pointed out, “I already know how to cook coq au vin the wrong way, so I don’t need much help.”
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30. Satay chilli chicken

Home Cooking Made Easy p36

Lots of Lorraine’s recipes in this book are comfort food for those autumn evenings or winter nights, but Satay chilli chicken is a recipe crying out for a picnic. So it’s a good thing that summer seems to be upon us. We don’t eat starters often in the cookingfanatic household (can’t think why), but this is in fact ideal lunch food.
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