60. and 61. Chocolate cheesecake and Rocky Road cake

Home Cooking Made Easy p195 and 219

For those of you with a nervous disposition, don’t worry. I may only be up to recipe 61 on the blog, but in real life, I’m actually a bit further on, and still hoping to reach 100 by the end of December. There are a number of recipes I’ve been putting off thinking, I’ll make that for Mr Cookingfanatic’s birthday. But honestly, how many birthday meals can one person have? II’d better crack on.

We had an extremely chocolately weekend at church when I made these two recipes.

First, the cheesecake. I used value chocolate and value cream cheese and it tasted just fine. I also don’t have a springform tin, so I put it in a loose-bottomed flan dish. Thankfully, it came out very easily at the end.

I made the base in the food processor, from biscuits and butter – it was a bit too crumbly, so possibly more butter next time. Then the main part of the cheesecake is cream cheese and milk choc and a bit of icing sugar. The recipe gives no indication of how much icing sugar to put it, so I put in a few spoonfuls, but probably not enough. Do it to taste I guess. Once it was all in the tin, I refrigerated until ready to finish it off.

You top it with a thin layer of dark choc and piped white choc. Because of the cold cheesecake, it sets fast, so work quickly. You drag the lines across with a cocktail stick to make the funky pattern. Serve it quite cold, otherwise it goes too gooey. But it’s very tasty anyway!

The Rocky Road cake is a pretty simple chocolate sponge cake, with a bit of mascarpone added (you could substitute creme fraiche, because that’s in the icing). You fold into the mix some rocky road ingredients (mini marshmallows, maltesers, white choc chips and crushed digestives. The recipe says 60 digestives. I bought 60 and then I thought, no, that can’t be right. Maybe it’s 6, or 60g. I went for 6, which worked fine. 60 would make it rock solid.

I made the cakes one day ahead and then iced on the day. It’s a very soft and rich chocolate butter icing with a bit of creme fraiche. You then scatter more rocky road ingredients on top. There is no photo in the book, so I went for a “random” arrangement, by literally throwing them at the cake!

I thought it was a bit rich, but people at church loved it.


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