Easter – all about the eggs?

I have a craft book which confidently asserts, “Easter is all about the eggs.” It’s not. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Easter as big as it is this year in the supermarkets. There’s Easter bonnets to decorate, Easter cards (honestly, who sends these?), Easter trees, Easter bunny headbands, Easter bunny bubble wands and more! The goodfood magazine is full of “Easter weekend traditions.” The message seems to be that Easter was a good old pagan tradition before those pesky Christians tried to appropriate it for themselves. Continue reading “Easter – all about the eggs?”

Frohe Weihnachtsyeit! (that’s foreign for something)

For edible gifts this year, I had been planning to make some more Chocolate Baileys fudge, but for the sake of my readers, who have already heard about it, I thought I’d make something new – Lebkuchen. Continue reading “Frohe Weihnachtsyeit! (that’s foreign for something)”