A Collection of Apple Recipes

I wonder if you’re in the same position as us? Every autumn, the cookingfanatic household receives a large number of apples. Mr Cookingfanatic would happily eat apple crumble for three meals a day, but I incline more to variety. So I’ve put together some of our favourite apple recipes. Hope it gives you some ideas. Feel free to share your favourites in the comments. Continue reading “A Collection of Apple Recipes”


Chicken Pastilla

For various reasons this week I haven’t had to cook many meals. So it made me feel more able to try something new. I’ve been meaning to cook some more Lorraine Pascale recipes from her first book “Baking Made Easy”.

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95 & 96. Goat’s cheese truffles and Sausage roll’s big night out

Home Cooking Made Easy p16 and 15.

If you’ve been a regular reader, you’ll know we don’t go in for starters much in the cookingfanatic household (and if you have been a regular reader, give yourself a round of applause. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster – that roulade was a real low point – but you’re still here, so well done you.)

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87. Mini beef wellingtons

Home Cooking Made Easy p127

I can rarely be bothered to do a roast on Sundays but this dish satisfies that Sunday urge for meat and fat, without quite so much time and effort.

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47. Bacon & mature Cheddar cheese twisties

Home Cooking Made Easy p12 Today, proof (as if you needed it) that I am destined for cookery fame. I own the same cardigan as Rose Prince who does the Telegraph’s Baking Club. Continue reading “47. Bacon & mature Cheddar cheese twisties”


41. Not-so-Cornish pasties with sturdy shortcrust pastry

Home Cooking Made Easy p108

Today it’s a double whammy for pasty lovers: the government backtracks on the infamous pasty tax; and I share Lorraine’s pasty recipe. Today’s news signals the end to a short but passionate battle by bakers to change the budget measure. I had hoped to see the people of Cornwall throwing boatloads of pasties into the sea, but it was not to be (explanation of humorous historical allusion here).
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1. Really Quick ‘Danish Pastries’

Home Cooking Made Easy p54

Welcome to my first recipe of 2012 – enter with me into “an aromatic realm of flavours, zests, glazes and textures,” sometimes called “my kitchen.” Continue reading “1. Really Quick ‘Danish Pastries’”