Of pastry, pies, and pumpkin

Christmas is coming! That means all baking should be accompanied by non-stop Christmas tunes. If traditional carols are your thing, then try http://www.christmascarolsradio.org/ or for cheesy Christmas pop, it’s got to be http://www.christmasfm.com/

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Chicken Casserole and Kedgeree

Mr Cookingfanatic has an extraordinary memory – although unable to remember anything he was taught in Science at school, he has an amazing capacity for remembering food. Particularly every meal he has eaten on every holiday he has ever been on. But the more mundane food memory unfortunately passes him by. When I sit down to do the online shopping order for the week, neither he nor I can remember 7 basic meals we eat.

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99. A very spotted dick

Home Cooking Made Easy p181

I made this on a whim one afternoon (I know, I know, the crazy things I do). And it was surprisingly quick to make. Here’s a basic recipe from the bbc. Lorraine’s was swiss roll style, but pretty similar apart from that. I hadn’t quite got enough vegetable suet, so I added a bit of vegetable lard I had in the fridge.

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97 & 98. Brittle and lemon curd

Home Cooking Made Easy p234 and 237

The only way to make Lorraine’s “winter spiced lemon curd” taste of winter spices is to eat it off a cinnamon stick. The photo in the book seems to have a cinnamon stick poking out of it like a straw and some whole cloves which my sister says are “looking optimistic,” even though the recipe actually says you should strain the bits out.

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