Peanut butter cookies

I heard that nobody can actually multitask. I’ve always said though, that what I do is really optimisation for task allocation. So I never wait for the kettle to boil; I always try to put on a load of washing while waiting. I’ve just put my porridge in the microwave; I’ve got time to paint my nails. While the bath is running, I could just start writing a novel etc. Of course, I often misjudge the time for each task and the kettle is boiled and reboiled, while the bath over runs and the novel doesn’t get written.  Softening butter in the microwave is a task which really does require your full attention. If you come to a recipe that needs softened butter and you need to make it now because, well, you’re hungry, never fear. Weigh out the cold butter into the bowl in small pieces and then microwave for 5 seconds at a time (NO MORE!), checking each time, until it’s soft enough to use.
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Gooey chocolate fridge cake

I really need a new kitchen. The cupboard doors are falling off, the worktops slope down so that water runs into the corner and pools there behind the tea and coffee canisters. The tiles are so retro, they’re almost fashionable again. But mostly, I need a new kitchen so that I can take instaworthy pictures of my baking. For now, you’ll have to do with pictures taken in the fridge/on top of a biscuit tin/disguised with tea towels. But trust me, this fridge cake tastes better than the photos can do justice!
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