77. Minted lamb & coriander burgers with cucumber yoghurt

Home Cooking Made Easy p116

I’m sure most of you use the word “minted” as a synonym for “cool,” “ace,” “hip,” etc. E.g. “That car is well minted bruv.” But I must advise you that this recipe title is in fact referring to the common herb, mint, and not urban speak.

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76. Deep-fried Camembert with cranberry sauce

Home Cooking Made Easy p31

Apparently, “life is too short to make cranberry sauce from scratch every time.” But not too short to make a red wine reduction, add thyme leaves, and cranberry sauce, simmer and cool. Hmmm. Or buy it.
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65. My big fat tipsy trifle

Home Cooking Made Easy p182

Lorraine uses a massive straight-sided trifle dish for this recipe. This year’s challenge has already cost me quite a bit (mostly in alcohol and expensive meat!) and I thought buying a big trifle dish for one recipe might be a bit unnecessary. So I halved the ingredients and used a standard bowl-shaped trifle bowl (yes a bowl-shaped bowl – I don’t know how else to describe it).

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