65. My big fat tipsy trifle

Home Cooking Made Easy p182

Lorraine uses a massive straight-sided trifle dish for this recipe. This year’s challenge has already cost me quite a bit (mostly in alcohol and expensive meat!) and I thought buying a big trifle dish for one recipe might be a bit unnecessary. So I halved the ingredients and used a standard bowl-shaped trifle bowl (yes a bowl-shaped bowl – I don’t know how else to describe it).

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Strawberry filled cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Apparently berries are “the way nature intended for us to cram our bodies full of oracs.” No, not whales, that’s orcas. Oracs stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity, so it basically just means antioxidants. Strawberries “contain all the summer micronutrients, but they also encourage iron absorption for the formation of strong blood.” If you honestly think this is a good reason to eat strawberries, you’re deluded. We eat strawberries because they taste so good.
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