Coq au vin

Some things in miniature can be very cute – children, dungarees, canapes. Others can be extremely frustrating – children, cakes, onions. Yes, mini onions, or shallots as they’re often known, are one of my pet hates to prepare. If you need to keep them whole, and you want, say, 12 like I did for this recipe, you’ll need to add an extra 15 minutes to your prep time. But this tip¬†might just save some time. I did a very scientific, controlled experiment with a sample size of 1, and I’m pleased to say it more or less works!

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Corduroy Oranges and Cranberry sauce

There are many¬†reasons to buy a real zester (instead of just using that side of a grater). For example, that knobbly side of a grater cuts your fingers, is hard work, and doesn’t produce as much zest as it produces washing up. However, the main reason is so that you can produce corduroy oranges like this:


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