Chicken Casserole and Kedgeree

Mr Cookingfanatic has an extraordinary memory – although unable to remember anything he was taught in Science at school, he has an amazing capacity for remembering food. Particularly every meal he has eaten on every holiday he has ever been on. But the more mundane food memory unfortunately passes him by. When I sit down to do the online shopping order for the week, neither he nor I can remember 7 basic meals we eat.

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Root veg Toad in the Hole

In our house, Sunday lunch has to be something that’s easy to fit around church and isn’t too expensive. It’s ideal if it can work for having guests over too. Here’s an interesting variation on toad in the hole – it’s more classy than sausages, but it’s also pretty cheap. Continue reading “Root veg Toad in the Hole”

52. Prosciutto & brie toastie and 53. Root vegetable rosti

Home Cooking Made Easy p35 and p157

I read this morning that applying nail varnish without a base coat is like applying foundation without moisturiser. Perhaps that means something to the initiated. To me, it sounds like a joke missing a punchline. I’m still trying to work out the link between the two. Are they both quicker, dangerous, foolhardy, uncouth, or daring?

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42. and 43. Rosemary & sage pork chops and Cauliflower cheese

Home Cooking Made Easy p82 and 140

I’m eating dairy again! It’s been a pretty exciting couple of weeks, and I have a real backlog of things to eat that I’ve been missing for 7 months – plain cheddar cheese came pretty high on the list. So it seemed a good time to crack on with some more Lorraine recipes as we’re nearly at the halfway point of the year.
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14. Five-spice baked ribs and 15. Paprika baked sweet potato wedges with honey-glazed bacon & herby crème fraiche

Home Cooking Made Easy p72 and p150.

If I were Lorraine, I’d be telling you how I prefer to buy my meat from my local butcher, and I’d probably include a photo of me flirting with my jolly and slightly rotund butcher. However, I actually prefer to buy meat from the supermarket, but the nice Morrisons butcher was willing to engage in a little flirtation and advise me on my recipe. Continue reading “14. Five-spice baked ribs and 15. Paprika baked sweet potato wedges with honey-glazed bacon & herby crème fraiche”