45. Stilton, pear & poppy seed tartlets

Home Cooking Made Easy p171

I thought I was doing well with the ingredients for this recipe. I obviously had poppy seeds from when I made the bread rolls. Oh. I didn’t, did I? I made do with black sesame seeds. Ah well.
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44. Puffed up pitta bread

Home Cooking Made Easy p49

I feel cheated. I always thought pitta bread was unleavened bread, and that my lunch of pitta, houmous and olives was sort of Jewish. Well it’s not. Pitta bread contains yeast. My life has been a lie. It was a little bit like when I found out “Butter”kist microwave popcorn is dairy free.
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42. and 43. Rosemary & sage pork chops and Cauliflower cheese

Home Cooking Made Easy p82 and 140

I’m eating dairy again! It’s been a pretty exciting couple of weeks, and I have a real backlog of things to eat that I’ve been missing for 7 months – plain cheddar cheese came pretty high on the list. So it seemed a good time to crack on with some more Lorraine recipes as we’re nearly at the halfway point of the year.
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