97 & 98. Brittle and lemon curd

Home Cooking Made Easy p234 and 237

The only way to make Lorraine’s “winter spiced lemon curd” taste of winter spices is to eat it off a cinnamon stick. The photo in the book seems to have a cinnamon stick poking out of it like a straw and some whole cloves which my sister says are “looking optimistic,” even though the recipe actually says you should strain the bits out.

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91, 92 & 93. A Trio of Edible Gifts

Home Cooking Made Easy p230, 241 and 233

Perhaps like me you didn’t manage to be organised enough to make all your presents before Christmas and you still have family to see over New Year. Well I bring you three gift suggestions. You can always bookmark it for next year!

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71. and 72. Graffiti cake and lollipops

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Lorraine Pascale’s Graffiti Cake

Another birthday in the cookingfanatic household means another cake. This time it’s the Graffiti Cake from Lorraine Pasale’s Home Cooking Made Easy. I’ll have to make it again next year to complete my challenge but the added practice can only help! Continue reading “Lorraine Pascale’s Graffiti Cake”