50. Asparagus, tarragon & mint omelette

Home Cooking Made Easy p167

Home Cooking Made Easy contains lots of helpful photos, and the photo for this omelette was particularly helpful.

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39. Mrs Stephenson’s dinner party bread rolls and 40. Pan-fried asparagus

Home Cooking Made Easy p50 and p143

These bread rolls are named after Lorraine’s Home Economics Teacher, because they were her first GCSE assignment. We never did anything so useful in our “Food Technology” lessons. I just remember testing whether homemade or shop-bought pastry was better (Jus-Rol beat 13 year old Kerry), healthy food (fruit kebabs) and roux sauce. If I had to name a memorable recipe after my teacher it would have to be Mrs Collinson’s “Design your own packaging for a Christmas themed confectionary item.”
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