Christmas Rocky Road

It was a crisp autumn day, and I was craving, if not exactly food that nurtures, then certainly food that fattens. The perfect time to try out Nigella’s Christmas Rocky Road. The good folks over at the BBC have the recipe here, but it’s in Nigella’s Christmas recipe book. Continue reading “Christmas Rocky Road”

Newsflash! Or should that be Moosflash?

Disaster has struck. I’ve had to go on a dairy free diet for the sake of my breastfed son who may be cow’s milk protein intolerant. I’m normally pretty unsympathetic with people who require special diets, especially if I invite them round for dinner. Well, I’ve become one of those people.

A selection of things I can no longer eat: pastry, cake, biscuits, some bread, nutella, Walkers salt&vinegar crisps (who’d have thought it?), cheese, pizza, custard, Indian food (made with ghee), brioche and so on. I will plough ahead with recipes. Sometimes I’ll make a dairy free alternative using soya or oat millk etc., but sometimes I’ll just make the real thing and my husband will be the grateful recipient.

I was feeling sorry for my son as he grows up and has to take his own dairy-free cake to parties. But then I realised he’ll probably fit in fine with “gluten free Olivia” and “little Oscar only eats organic.” Maybe there’s a career in there somewhere – organising specialist diet kids’ parties.