79. Light & crispy tempura prawns & soy chilli dipping sauce

Home Cooking Made Easy p32

Sorry to shock you, dear reader, but in our household, sometimes we just don’t have time for a starter at dinner. But every recipe in the book has to be cooked so I sort of turned this one into a meal.
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78. Lemony basil spaghetti with mascarpone, chilli and chives

Home Cooking Made Easy p162

Mr Cookingfanatic has been known, on occasion, to be disparaging about vegetarian food and, truth be told, vegetarians as a species. “No one would marry a vegetarian man – you’d doubt his masculinity.” So when I cook a veggie dish, I often cook some bacon too on the side (and make him chop some wood and stand in the garden roaring at any wildlife) just to clear up any masculinity issues.

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30. Satay chilli chicken

Home Cooking Made Easy p36

Lots of Lorraine’s recipes in this book are comfort food for those autumn evenings or winter nights, but Satay chilli chicken is a recipe crying out for a picnic. So it’s a good thing that summer seems to be upon us. We don’t eat starters often in the cookingfanatic household (can’t think why), but this is in fact ideal lunch food.
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