Why is a walnut like a welshman?

They both get more bitter with age. (That is clearly a JOKE, and not a true reflection of my feelings for the Welsh nation) Perhaps you can supply a better punchline?  Continue reading “Why is a walnut like a welshman?”


29. Sweet potato & salmon fish cakes with chives & lime

Home Cooking Made Easy p99

The way Lorraine talks about sweet potatoes, you’d think they were some kind of novelty. Her description starts “I cracked open one of these sweet potatoes recently …” That’s a clever trick. It continues “… to be greeted with an exotic-looking orange flesh.” Was this a surprise, Lorraine? What kind of a chef are you that you aren’t familiar with the colour of sweet potatoes? Though obviously, we already know they’re not her favourite orange root vegetable (see carrots).
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27. Hearty Spanish paella, and 28. Extra gooey pecan pie

Home Cooking Made Easy p124 and p191

heart·y adj. 4. b. Providing abundant nourishment; substantial: a hearty meal.

I think Lorraine may have overstated the case here with her paella. It’s certainly very pleasant, but not exactly abundant in nourishment. Of course, she might have meant the other meaning of hearty – a meal fit for a pirate (“avast, me hearties”) – but this would also be some way off the mark. Continue reading “27. Hearty Spanish paella, and 28. Extra gooey pecan pie”