71. and 72. Graffiti cake and lollipops

Yes, it’s the recipe you’ve all been waiting for. Although I have made this cake already, and my post on it is still the most visited on my site each week a year on, I had to do it again to fit all 100 recipes into 2012.You can find my previous post here, with loads of intelligent comments and witty banter.

I’m afraid to tell you, my second attempt was not nearly as successful. The cake bit was fine. Her recipe says 5 eggs, but it’s actually 4 if you follow her method. This time I added jam in the filling to make it a bit more interesting. I then iced the cake and waited to make the graffiti when baby cookingfanatic was in bed.

Lorraine tells us she made this cake at one in the morning in a “fog of sugary fatigue.” Isn’t it great to get an insight into the personal world of Lorraine? She also thrillingly reveals that red is her favourite colour! Well I made this cake at about 9 in the evening in a fog of just plain old fatigue. No sugar involved.

I think I didn’t get the sugar properly to hard crack stage, so when I wrapped the graffiti around the cake it wilted in a very sad and unattractive way.

The same was true of the floppy lollipops (incidentally, “floppy lollipops” returns 11million results on google, which is unexpected).

I had rashly agreed to make the cake as the prize for a draw the next morning. So something had to be done.

I panicked for a while.

And then I removed the graffiti, wrapped a big ribbon around and sprinkled the top with white chocolate shavings. It still looked quite an impressive cake.

Perhaps a sugar thermometer might help to be sure it’s at the right stage. In a way, readers, I’ve done you a favour by succeeding once and failing once – now you know what errors to avoid, and how to pretend you always meant to make a cake with a massive ribbon around it. (“But I thought it was called graffiti cake?” “Graffiti’s more of a conceptual name than a description.” “Oh … I see …”)

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