Apple and almond traybake

It’s hip to be square. Some great things in life are square – vinyl record covers, the IKEA Kallax system, floppy disks, the Monopoly board, and of course brownies.


When you want to be sure of portions, a square traybake works a lot better than a circular cake. I make a lot of traybakes in my 8 inch square brownie tin, especially for toddler group and bible studies at church. First off today is this apple and almond cake adapted from a Mary Berry recipe. Continue reading “Apple and almond traybake”


A Collection of Apple Recipes

I wonder if you’re in the same position as us? Every autumn, the cookingfanatic household receives a large number of apples. Mr Cookingfanatic would happily eat apple crumble for three meals a day, but I incline more to variety. So I’ve put together some of our favourite apple recipes. Hope it gives you some ideas. Feel free to share your favourites in the comments. Continue reading “A Collection of Apple Recipes”

62. and 63. Apple and blackberry chutney, and Chocolate fudge

Home Cooking Made Easy p222 and 226

I think everybody’s getting edible gifts this year, as I try to race through my recipes before New Year. So I made this chutney and fudge as a birthday present. Edible gifts are always well-received though I’ve found!

Continue reading “62. and 63. Apple and blackberry chutney, and Chocolate fudge”