22. Paprika baked fish with chorizo, lemon & thyme

Home Cooking Made Easy p119

The smell of chorizo frying is unarguably a beautiful thing. More controversial, however, is its pronunciation. Do you go for the fully Anglicised cho-ritz-o, or the fully Spanish ko-ri-tho? I like to go for half and half: cho-ri-tho, to avoid sounding either ignorant or pretentious. I like to think it’s working.

Anywhich way you say it, chorizo is delicious, and it goes really well with the flavours of this dish. I used cod, to which you add paprika, oil, lemon zest, cherry tomatoes, chorizo and thyme and roast in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Lorraine suggests adding half of the chorizo at the beginning and the rest halfway through. But I’m not really sure why – I couldn’t tell which bits were which at the end! I served it with salad and chips.

I thought it might be a bit too paprika-y, with chorizo containing paprika too, but it wasn’t at all – the lemon and sort of baconny flavours came through strongest. It was a very flavoursome quick dinner which I’ll definitely be adding to my usual meals.

You can find a copy of the recipe here.

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