Mango chicken and rice bake

Before baby cookingfanatic, I used to like recipes you could make from scratch in less than 15 minutes. Now I like recipes I can prepare ages in advance, which don’t involve standing over a pan in a panic at the end while baby cooking fanatic hangs off my trousers demanding food.¬† Continue reading “Mango chicken and rice bake”


Root veg Toad in the Hole

In our house, Sunday lunch has to be something that’s easy to fit around church and isn’t too expensive. It’s ideal if it can work for having guests over too. Here’s an interesting variation on toad in the hole – it’s more classy than sausages, but it’s also pretty cheap. Continue reading “Root veg Toad in the Hole”

97 & 98. Brittle and lemon curd

Home Cooking Made Easy p234 and 237

The only way to make Lorraine’s “winter spiced lemon curd” taste of winter spices is to eat it off a cinnamon stick. The photo in the book seems to have a cinnamon stick poking out of it like a straw and some whole cloves which my sister says are “looking optimistic,” even though the recipe actually says you should strain the bits out.

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95 & 96. Goat’s cheese truffles and Sausage roll’s big night out

Home Cooking Made Easy p16 and 15.

If you’ve been a regular reader, you’ll know we don’t go in for starters much in the cookingfanatic household (and if you have been a regular reader, give yourself a round of applause. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster – that roulade was a real low point – but you’re still here, so well done you.)

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