Essential Kit

Like Lorraine I have some essential equipment to make homecooking easy. Here are my top 10:

  • a dishwasher – cooking isn’t really worth doing if you have to wash up afterwards. If you can’t afford a dishwasher, press-gang a friend or admirer into being your slave insteaddishwasher
  • linked to the above really – a husband – there are some jobs in cooking that I just don’t like doing – rubbing in when making crumble is one of my least favourites – get your husband/wife to do it for you! While he’s at it, he could also empty the bins, clean the gunk out of the sink, and other manly jobs
  • mini sieve – this item is perfect for dusting things with icing sugar and also looks very cute. I also worked out it is perfect for catching tea leaves – why hasn’t anyone thought of this?
  • chocolate fondue kit – this item will look great unused on top of your kitchen cupboards. The patina of grease and dust it acquires over the years can surely only add to its charm
  • mini-tart shaper – this wooden tool is used to press pastry into a mini-muffin tin. It also doubles as an impromptu pestle, or mini marjorette’s baton
  • wooden skewers – invaluable for poking things. Go ahead and be imaginative! I used mine to get some old polyfilla out of the tube, press the missing buttons on my oven, spread glue, get a spatula I had dropped down the side of the oven. I’d love to know how you use yours!
  • knife sharpener – even pretending to use this makes you feel like a real chef
  • this one is for real; everyone should have a hot chocolate lid turned into a lid for pots of cream. Cut the rim out and it fits perfectly on opened tubs of Elmlea (or other tall pots of cream)
  • every serious chef should have some kitchen tools they don’t understand. I have no idea what these do, but they look exciting don’t they?
  • finally, an oversized pepper pot. How can you make coy asides to the camera about the oversized pepper grinder unless you own one? Also has the added bonus of being a prop in Italian Restaurant sketches.

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