Essential Ingredients

I’ve got some top ingredients to share with you. Here they are:

    • coarse sea salt – this must be sprinkled on dishes from a height to get the full Lorraine effect. WARNING: sprinkling coarse salt into hot oil (e.g. for roast potatoes) can cause serious splashback
    • tea – not to put into recipes; to put into yourself before, during and after cooking
    • lemongrass – you only need to buy this once in your life, and it will then sit in the cupboard unused for ever
    • gold shimmer spray – well why not?
    • 1 cal oil spray – this is actually quite useful. Spray it on clingfilm before covering bread to rise. Or spray it on bread before cooking to give a nice sheen. Or just use it in your frying pan to ensure things don’t stick. In fact, my frying pan had been becoming gradually more “seasoned” over the years (that is, I couldn’t get it clean), but the oil spray saved it. No more curry flavoured pancakes!
    • cheap white wine for gravy. Lorraine says “if it’s good enough to drink, it’s good enough for gravy.” I say “if it’s too nasty to drink, never mind, you can always use it in gravy.” Use wine to make gravy in the roasting tin in which you roasted the meat. The wine de-glazes the pan – this means that all the meaty flavours from the bottom of the tin go into the gravy, but it also has the added bonus of washing the tin for you
    • a well-stocked drinks cupboard – wine, baileys, spirits for “feeding” your Christmas cake etc.
And yes that is a bottle of apple and blackcurrant squash – adds a certain je ne sais quoi to a variety of dishes.
  • good quality stock

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