Welcome to my blog! I’m Alison, and I was inspired by Lorraine Pascale to become a cooking fanatic. In 2012, I decided to cook all the recipes from “Home Cooking Made Easy.” This blog tells the story of my spiritual journey – from my conversion one autumn evening whilst watching Lorraine make French Pain d’epi, through the sanctifying trials of slow-roast pork, to my eventual completion of the 100 recipes in a year and the eternal rest which followed. Look through the archives to find the 2012 recipes, and plenty of others too! Nobody decided to pick up the film rights to my year of blogging and cooking, but undeterred I have continued to blog about my everyday cooking.

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  1. Try roasting a fresh free range chicken in portions with 3 fresh lemons (two quarters inside the chicken), pepper and salt only, lemon juiced and poured over the chicken, with a glass (8oz -25ml) of dry white wine,, twice,; first when it goes into the oven, and halfway through a 3/4-1 1/4 hr oven roast ( the former for Aga cooking, the latter for gas or electric ovens).

    Add the remaining lemon quarters when you serve the chicken to be squeezed over the hot chicken ( which should be covered from the oven for 10 mins to allow the juices to steam and the chicken to rest.
    Delicious! its an old traditional Spanish recipe.” Pollo asado y limón”

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