In which I get on my low horse, and start some Christmas preparations

I would get on my high horse, but I’m too short. And that’s what I wanted to talk about. At the majestic height of 5 foot 1, I am pretty small, although by no means least among the people of the UK (Christmas reference there for the wide awake). There are numerous problems for us little people, but the one that’s bugging me right now is the lack of petite clothing.

No shop goes for a “one size fits all” approach for women’s clothing. I think we can all agree that would be preposterous. The same piece of clothing is not going to fit a size 8 and 22 lady! So why is there an assumption that we’re all about an average height? Ok, so some shops do jeans in short, regular, or long – but not all. And jeans are not the only problem – all of me is petite, so I need all of my clothes in a shorter size! Recently, I made the mistake of buying a regular pair of skinny jeans. I had to roll up so much fabric at the bottom, that it was a struggle to get my boots on over the top. For a couple of weeks I have been seething about the discrimination we shorties face. But then I went to a large supermarket chain whose name begins with Tesc and ends with O, and bought a rather flattering pair of short leg jeans. A victory for small people!

I also took a break from this sort of high profile anti-discrimination campaigning to prepare for Christmas. I had already made my mincemeat, so other early preparations were the Christmas pudding and cake. It’s a little late to make this Christmas cake this year (but bookmark it for next). But this speedy mincemeat traybake would be an awesome last-minute alternative. I also used Delia’s Christmas pudding recipe but I steamed mine in a bain-marie in the oven – you don’t have to watch it quite so much then. If you’ve left it too late for that, then Mary Berry’s Chocolate Mousse Cake is wonderful and very easy to make. It’s quite rich, but who said Christmas was a time for restraint?!

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