Of pastry, pies, and pumpkin

Christmas is coming! That means all baking should be accompanied by non-stop Christmas tunes. If traditional carols are your thing, then try http://www.christmascarolsradio.org/ or for cheesy Christmas pop, it’s got to be http://www.christmasfm.com/

It also means that the shops are stocking JusRol ready-made sweet shortcrust pastry for making mince pies. And I will get on to making mince pies soon. But currently I’m panic-buying sweet shortcrust pastry and putting it in the chest freezer. Making dairy free pastry is a bit of a pain (because dairy free marg is too low fat), so to have ready-made dairy free stuff is great. But it’s only available at Christmas, hence the stockpiling.

It gave me the chance to make a pie I’ve been meaning to make for ages: Lorraine’s Pear, Almond and Amaretto tart, recipe here. I even bought a rectangular tart tin for it! (though I plan to use it for other tarts too!) It’s a very easy recipe – put pastry in tin, fill with the frangipane sponge mix (no blind baking needed, hooray!), top with pears (tinned). So simple.

20141117_173317If you can add the finishing touches of icing sugar and mint, it makes it look really impressive!

20141117_184344 20141117_184333

Delicious served with the ginger marscapone cream.

20141117_184804It’s thanksgiving tomorrow, so this week I made pumpkin pie from this recipe over on bbcgoodfood. I used a tin of pumpkin puree from the World Foods aisle in Tesco instead of fresh pumpkin. It’s a great, simple recipe.



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