99. A very spotted dick

Home Cooking Made Easy p181

I made this on a whim one afternoon (I know, I know, the crazy things I do). And it was surprisingly quick to make. Here’s a basic recipe from the bbc. Lorraine’s was swiss roll style, but pretty similar apart from that. I hadn’t quite got enough vegetable suet, so I added a bit of vegetable lard I had in the fridge.

The big deal is just cooking it. Once you’ve rolled up your swiss roll, you wrap it in foil like a Christmas cracker with some room to expand.

2012-12-27 15.43.31Lorraine suggests using a steamer pan, which I don’t have, or a colander over a saucepan, which didn’t really convince me. So I used my electric steamer.

2012-12-27 15.51.34If you don’t have any of these items (then what kind of a cook are you?!? Joke.), then make it in a pudding basin instead, cover with foil tied with string, put it in a roasting tin with some boiling water half way up the sides of the basin, and cook in a low oven for about 2 hours. Top up the water as needed.

After 2 hours, my pudding was not cooked. 😦

2012-12-27 18.18.57So I took it out of the foil, cut it in half and finished it off in the microwave. (You could cook the whole thing in the microwave, but it won’t be as nice). It didn’t come out in neat slices like Lorraine’s.

Nice slices: Spotted Dick and Custard

My version:

2012-12-27 18.28.42But it did taste rather good – quite light in texture, but pretty rich. I served it with whipped cream with cointreau (left-over from the Christmas pudding).




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