91, 92 & 93. A Trio of Edible Gifts

Home Cooking Made Easy p230, 241 and 233

Perhaps like me you didn’t manage to be organised enough to make all your presents before Christmas and you still have family to see over New Year. Well I bring you three gift suggestions. You can always bookmark it for next year!

The first recipe is for peanut butter truffles, although I actually split the mixture in two and made half peanut butter, half stem ginger.

Put 120ml of cream in a small pan and bring nearly to the boil (I slightly boiled mine, but it seemed fine). Take the pan off the heat and add 220g chocolate and a knob of butter. Let it stand for about 8 mins without stirring. Then gently stir until just combined. Pour the mixture into a bowl and stir in 6 tbsp peanut butter. Leave to cool down a bit then put in the fridge for a few hours.

Once firm, use teaspoons to scoop out mixture and roll into small balls. Place balls on baking parchment/silicon sheets. Melt 200g choc and dip truffles to coat. Put back on parchment/silicon to set. It’s quite messy but those little paper case (petit four cases) will cover any messy bits. I made 28 but it’s going to depend on how big you make them!
They went down very well, especially the peanut butter ones, which were scoffed immediately.
2012-12-13 20.10.43
Next up is Lorraine’s Toffee Caramel Popcorn. I’ve written out the recipe here: popcorn recipe How is this an edible gift? Well you could make it and take it to a party. Or it will keep for a couple of days in an airtight container. Or you could do this: if you’re giving a DVD as a gift, print out the recipe, or write it out prettily, include a jar of popcorn kernels and this handy little popcorn box. The popcorn tasted fantastic – but a little rich! It really does serve 4, though you might not think it when you look at the 100g of kernels to start with. 2012-12-15 20.15.48
Last but not least, peppermint creams. Lorraine’s recipe is pretty similar to this one, just omit the glitter. A few tips: it’s really hard to get the work top clean afterwards – try not to spread out the icing, ever thinner and thinner over the kitchen! Use a j-cloth with warm water, keep rinsing and rinsing, and it’s best to clean from the outside edges in, to stop spreadage!
I couldn’t find a definitive answer online about freezing them. So I have experimented for you, dear reader (don’t say I’m not generous to you). I cut out the shapes, leaving them to dry overnight.
2012-12-20 12.09.58Then I froze them in single layers. When I defrosted them, I did it on a cooling rack, so there was no chance of them sitting in puddles. A couple of the stars lost a point because they were brittle coming out of the freezer, but apart from that, it was a complete success. I then half-dipped them in chocolate.
2012-12-27 13.05.20They’re great to make with kids, and great for doting, sweet-toothed grandparents to receive!

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