89. Frozen raspberry ripple parfait ‘ice cream’

Home Cooking Made Easy p187

I’ve never made ice cream – I don’t have an ice cream maker and I couldn’t be bothered with the whole whisking every hour thing. So this parfait is definitely the way to go.

You start by making raspberry coulis – i.e. blended raspberries passed through a sieve to remove the seeds. “Passed through a sieve” – doesn’t that sound easy, calm, relaxing even. It’s not. It’s despair-inducing. Leave yourself plenty of time for this task.

Then whisk equal weights of egg whites and sugar until stiff. I wasn’t sure whether I was aiming for stiff peaks, soft peaks, hold-bowl-upside-down stiffness etc. After about 10 minutes of whisking I was bored and decided to go with what I had – quite shiny soft peaks. It seemed to work fine.

You also whisk cream with vanilla and fold this into the egg whites. Then ripple the raspberry mixture through gently and pour into a loaf tin lined with clingfilm. Freeze.

Remove from the freezer about 10 minutes before serving so it’s easier to remove from the tin – use a palette knife if all else fails! Serve in slices with fresh raspberries.

It’s lovely and soft and smooth with a great taste – the fresh raspberries give a good sharp contrast.

2012-12-14 21.03.29

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