87. Mini beef wellingtons

Home Cooking Made Easy p127

I can rarely be bothered to do a roast on Sundays but this dish satisfies that Sunday urge for meat and fat, without quite so much time and effort.

The idea is that each person gets an individual beef wellington – a small steak wrapped in pastry. You need quite a large square of pastry per person – about 18x18cm. Make a little sauce of shallots, mushrooms and thyme and cook it until quite dry (if it’s wet, the pastry will go soggy). Put a small amount of the mushroom mixture on the square of pastry and pop a (lightly pan-fried) steak on top. Wrap the pastry edges around on top.

2012-12-02 14.12.17

Then turn the parcel over

2012-12-02 14.12.35 and turn it round with your hands underneath neatening the shape.

2012-12-02 14.10.57Slash the top and brush some beaten egg over it. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Then reheat the rest of the mushroom mixture with a bit of double cream to serve as a sauce.

2012-12-02 18.23.53It was good, but would have been better with more expensive steak, and slightly thinner pastry.



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