85. Spinach, rocket & parmesan roulade

Home Cooking Made Easy p168

I was doubtful about this dish from the start. “Being a fan of Swiss rolls, I wanted to come up with … a savoury one.” This didn’t bode well and I should have trusted my instincts. Swiss rolls are great, in their place, which is firmly in the dessert section.

The first issue with the recipe is that it uses approximately a million kitchen items. And I can’t fit a million things into a single wash in the dishwasher. Just some of the items used in this recipe:

swiss roll tin
cheese grater
two mixing bowls (one for egg whites, one for yolk mix)
food processor
electric hand whisk
rubber duck
chopping board and knife
frying pan
another mixing bowl (for filling)
numerous spoons

I threw in a mystery item there that I didn’t actually use, just to see if you were reading carefully.

I’m not sure if its even worth describing how to make this recipe, but here goes with a shortened edition. You make what I’m going to call “the spongy bit of a swiss roll” with spinach, eggs and parmesan and cook it. The filling is creme fraiche, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and rocket. It sounds weird. It is weird. Here’s it rolled up, ready to chill in the fridge.

2012-11-20 13.12.17You slice it to eat, as a starter maybe?

2012-11-20 13.14.08It had a pretty odd taste. The day after I had eaten it, I thought maybe I was imagining how odd it was, so I tried it again, and it turns out I had remembered correctly. It might be improved by swapping creme fraiche for cream cheese and adding some lemon juice for sharpness, but I’m really not sure.

This recipe is definitely the low point of the book for me.

For those of you interested, I’m still getting through all the washing up.



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