82. and 83. Flavoured butters and Twice-cooked chicken kiev

Home Cooking Made Easy p238 and 133

I’m not very good at growing plants. My Mum wouldn’t let me have a pet as a child because she said I wouldn’t look after it, but she eventually let me have a cactus, which I killed. She may have had a point. When we lived in London, I forgot you had to water outside pot plants, because I was used to Manchester, where it’s always raining. Now baby cookingfanatic loves watering the houseplants and some of them have made a miraculous recovery.

All this (admittedly thrilling stuff) is merely the preamble to telling you I’m no good at growing fresh herbs. So I usually end up buying a bunch of e.g. fresh thyme for one recipe, and then having lots left over. You can freeze left over herbs and then chop from frozen into the dish, but another option would be to be make them into flavoured butter. You just mix the chosen herbs with soft butter and freeze in sausage shape in clingfilm. Then you can take a slice when needed to add to some dish.

2012-11-16 14.54.25

I made garlic and parsley butter which would be great with a steak or for making garlic bread. But it was for the chicken kievs. First you need to bash the chicken breast until its nice and thin (but not completely demolished). Having watched a lot of masterchef recently, I know this is a really important step. If you don’t get it thin enough, you can’t seal it around the filling and it will leak out during cooking. You then put the garlic butter in the centre and wrap the chicken around it to make a lovely little sealed parcel.

2012-11-16 15.11.50Then dip in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs. Lorraine calls for 4 eggs to make 4 kievs. Surely this is a typo? It doesn’t require one whole egg to coat each chicken breast. 2 eggs for 4 kievs will do nicely. I then chilled them until I was ready to cook later.

I thought I’d managed to get through all the deep-frying recipes, but this one caught me by surprise! You need to deep fry until golden brown (about 1 minute) and then finish off in the oven (about 15 mins).

They did taste nice, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be bothered to cook them from scratch again. Like fish and chips, chicken kiev is an ideal freezer meal, and if I wanted to spend ages cooking, it would be for something a bit more interesting I think.

2012-11-16 19.52.44


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