80. and 81. Roasted beetroot salad and Goat’s cheese tart

Home Cooking Made Easy p165 and 161

Well my dear reader chums (sorry, reading too much Miranda Hart recently), I apologise for the long gap in writing and bring you two lunch time dishes.

The first is a salad. I could only buy cooked beetroot (the plain kind, not pickled), so that made the salad even easier as I didn’t have to begin by roasting them. So it’s basically an assembly job – rocket leaves, beetroot and orange segments, some chopped mint, slices of goats cheese and chopped hazelnuts. The dressing is a simple oil and vinegar mix with a bit of honey.

I’m really not keen on beetroot, but it went well with the goat’s cheese actually. Mr Cookingfanatic and I both enjoyed it and would have eaten more. It’s a good lunch, but not substantial enough for an evening meal, as Lorraine suggests.

2012-11-14 13.03.06


The second recipe is a cross between a pizza and a tart. It’s a base of 4 layers of filo pastry which you cook for not very long at all (10-15 mins as proscribed is way too long). Then you make a spinach pesto and spread over the base and then layer up slices of tomato and goat’s cheese. (I think “layer up slices” is a very Lorraine way to say it. I can imagine her saying it and then the camera showing a very speeded up version of her layering, before she admires it and says, “there, delicious.”) Then it cooks for 10 more minutes.

It was delicious and really quite like pizza.

2012-11-15 12.28.23

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