79. Light & crispy tempura prawns & soy chilli dipping sauce

Home Cooking Made Easy p32

Sorry to shock you, dear reader, but in our household, sometimes we just don’t have time for a starter at dinner. But every recipe in the book has to be cooked so I sort of turned this one into a meal.

So as well as tempura prawns, we had tempura veg and some rice.

In advance, you’ll need to prepare some ice cubes, and I also chopped vegetables and made the sauce. The sauce has too much soy in it, and it wasn’t sweet enough. If I made it again, I might just use a ready-made sweet chilli sauce.

For the tempura batter, you need to remember to use sparkling water. I forgot, but by chance had some in the cupboard (very odd as I hate sparkling water). There’s a similar recipe here you could try. The recipe doesn’t allow enough water though. Here’s the batter as suggested by the recipe:

2012-11-13 17.21.07Try dipping a prawn in that! So I kept adding water until it was thin enough. There is enough batter for at least 20 prawns and lots of veg (courgette and spring onion worked particularly well). Set aside enough time for the deep-frying and don’t try to supervise a toddler at the same time (or any other multi-tasking!).

Babycookingfanatic absolutely loved it, but I was a bit “oiled out.” It would have been fine for a starter though. Mr Cookingfanatic thinks it would be a good Christmas day starter, but I think you could do without trying to deep-fry stuff on Christmas day, whilst also trying to cook the turkey etc. But if that’s your kind of extreme cooking bag, then go ahead!

2012-11-13 17.41.20

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