78. Lemony basil spaghetti with mascarpone, chilli and chives

Home Cooking Made Easy p162

Mr Cookingfanatic has been known, on occasion, to be disparaging about vegetarian food and, truth be told, vegetarians as a species. “No one would marry a vegetarian man – you’d doubt his masculinity.” So when I cook a veggie dish, I often cook some bacon too on the side (and make him chop some wood and stand in the garden roaring at any wildlife) just to clear up any masculinity issues.

So you’ll be surprised to hear that he actually passed over the bacon in this meal, preferring it vegetarian. Yes that’s right. Preferring the vegetarian dish. We took a photo of the moment, the wavering hand, the confusion as his masculinity came to terms with his taste buds, and it’s framed on our wall now.

You can cook the whole meal while the pasta is cooking, so it’s perfect for a speedy tea for date night etc. You cook frozen peas with the pasta, then drain and stir in chopped chillies, mascarpone, basil, mint and chives and toasted pine nuts. Serve and top with some Parmesan.

Very easy and tasty. And the bonus is you’ll probably be left with some extra mascarpone which you can eat with roasted figs and honey. Mmm.

2012-11-09 18.29.47

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