73. 74. and 75. Rack of lamb, white chocolate mousse and bubble wrap sugar

Home Cooking Made Easy p96, 188 and 225

Lorraine describes this dish as “the ultimate dish to prepare if you are in a hurry.” I would have thought the ultimate would be that great student dish, pasta and salt, or even quicker, toast.

But actually this rack of lamb is surprisingly quick. I made the pesto in advance in the food processor (adding way more oil than Lorraine suggested to get it anything like pesto consistency). But then you just have to brown the lamb in a frying pan, roast for 10 minutes, coat in the pesto and roast for 10 more minutes. [Do make sure you get your butcher to trim the lamb well beforehand, otherwise that will add to the prep time]. The pesto is really nice – it’s parsley, a bit of rosemary, parmesan, oil, garlic, breadcrumbs and lemon zest.

For dessert we had white chocolate mousse with bubble wrap sugar shards. It’s really more of a chocolate pot, containing cream, creme fraiche, melted chocolate and stem ginger and no eggs, but it’s delicious all the same. It’s very rich though, so I’d suggest serving it in espresso cups rather than glasses.

Bubble wrap sugar is basically thin toffee. You mix sugar, water and liquid glucose (or golden syrup) and boil until yellow. You scrunch up some baking paper in a tin and brush with vodka. Then pour the toffee thinly onto the paper and it sets bubbly. I don’t know if it’s the vodka or the scrunched paper that makes it bubble – any ideas anyone out there? Then break it up and use to decorate stuff (chocolate mousse, ice cream, Christmas tree decorations, an interesting addition to a hair slide?).

3 Replies to “73. 74. and 75. Rack of lamb, white chocolate mousse and bubble wrap sugar”

  1. This all looks cery impressive! 🙂 the sugar shards look fun in the mousse.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any vodka to test this intriguing hypothesis involving the sugar. Hmm I doubt scrunching the paper would have that effect.

    1. I bought a very small bottle from Tesco. My alcohol cupboard is so well stocked! I suppose I could do some controlled experiments including flat paper etc. The vodka can’t be there to add flavour, as it doesn’t have any!

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