70. Duvet day chicken noodle soup

Home Cooking Made Easy p24

Throughout this whole books (and the linked TV series) Lorraine has been talking about comfort food for cold autumnal evenings. This recipe actually fits the bill (unlike raspberry ripple ice cream or tempura prawns, neither of which is particularly autumnal).

You poach chicken breasts in stock with spring onion, garlic, chilli, ginger, cinnamon, star anise and seasoning, with some added celery and carrot. You then flake the chicken into pieces and add noodles and some fresh herbs. The soup is quite watery, a bit like minestrone, but with Thai flavours.

It’s worth doing all the chopping of chilli, carrots etc. before starting, so you really can just chuck stuff in.

The soup is very filling, just served with bread and serves about 8 people I think. It’s very comforting and warming for an autumn day!

I thought afterwards that this would be a good soup to use up leftover Christmas turkey and turkey stock. Yum!


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