59. Caramelised banana bread & butter pudding with toasted pecans

Home Cooking Made Easy p174

Bread and butter pudding is my second favourite pudding (after creme brulee of course), and I don’t really think it needs improving. So it was disappointing to read Lorraine saying “I wasn’t really a fan of bread and butter pudding …” So Lorraine is definitely fallible in her tastes.

But I went ahead and baked her take on bread and butter pudding anyway.

It’s quite a big recipe so I halved it (more or less). It’s a pretty normal recipe like this one, but you put 2 slices bananas and 100g pecans on top and amongst the bread slices.

Avid readers of this blog will know that my oven is a bit¬†temperamental, so I had to turn the temperature down massively to stop the pecans burning. I didn’t quite manage it!:

It did taste lovely, and Mr Cookingfanatic, whose taste in bread and butter pudding is similar to Lorraine’s, also loved it.


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