58. Pea soup with minted mascarpone

Home Cooking Made Easy p27

I think this is the simplest soup I’ve ever made, and I can’t imagine making anything simpler in the future. Unless it was just water, which would be stretching the definition of soup a little.

You make it by boiling frozen peas in stock and then blend it and season with salt and pepper. That’s it. That’s the pea soup.

But worry not. The minted mascarpone is the real point of this soup. You chop some fresh mint and mix it into the mascarpone and serve the soup with a dollop of the marscarpone in the middle. This melts delightfully and gradually through the soup.

It tastes great and no one need know how incredibly easy it is to make. I think this recipe is an absolute winner – looks and tastes amazing, takes (nearly) zero effort.


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