54. Pot-roast beef with port & juniper berries

Home Cooking Made Easy p95

In her new programme on BBC2 Lorraine enthuses about the “Street Food revolution” sweeping across Britain. Apparently it’s never been easier to get good quality fresh food on the street. Maybe if you live in London. Down here in Tiverton, street food is still hot dogs and scaldingly hot tea.

In this recipe Lorraine says juniper berries are found in most supermarkets. Maybe in London. Not here. So I’m afraid it’s Pot-roast beef with port and without juniper berries.

I find beef joints quite difficult to cook – go to far and it’s dry and chewy; not far enough and the centre is raw. Timings are everything. But this is a way of cooking a succulent piece of meat without having to worry as much about the perfect moment. Because the beef is roast in a pot, it won’t dry out. It also means you can use a cheaper cut (I used brisket) which gives great flavour without the price.

You have to sear the meat in a frying pan, fry some carrot and onion and transfer to a large casserole dish. Try to work out beforehand what implement you can use to transfer the meat, because it’s heavy, hot and slippery! Add a bit of flour, 450ml port and some seasonings (including a few juniper berries if you live in London). Cover with some greaseproof paper and the lid and cook gently for about 3 hours.

The meat will be gorgeously soft and moist, but there’s no point trying to keep it pink – that’s not really the point with this style of cooking. The carrots and onions form a lovely porty gravy thing. I made more gravy from the juices in the pot. I served it with sweet potato mash and broccoli (you need something a little fresher I think).


2 Replies to “54. Pot-roast beef with port & juniper berries”

  1. Your broccoli looks slightly over cooked, with bits flaking off!
    It should be dark green , just “al dente” with a slight crunch full of vitamins still, and blanched- dpped in cold water, and left in a hot bowl not covered to stop it dis-colouring
    Are those roast potatoes or what? they look enemic!
    Presentation? brocoli never looks good on its head..but 7/10 anyway in my book.

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