51. My dad’s really very good lasagne

Home Cooking Made Easy p100

This is Lorraine’s dad’s lasagne recipe, not mine. If I were a chef writing a recipe book, I suppose I could include My Dad’s pretty simple scrambled eggs, or My Dad’s Porridge, but I can’t think of anything else he taught me to make!

Lasagne isn’t really a quick dish to make, and Lorraine’s recipe is no quicker/easier than any other, but it is very nice. (Note: her new show included a vegetarian lasagne this week, with a cheat’s bechamel sauce, which I look forward to trying).

Lorraine’s meat bit of the lasagne had the added extras of madeira/wine, pancetta and sausagemeat. The bechamel sauce was really creamy and lovely, but there wasn’t enough of it. So it ended up a bit thin on top. I found her instructions for assembling the layers a bit difficult to follow, so if in doubt, do it however you want – just end up with bechamel on top. My oven was a bit hot, so I “over-crisped” it. However, it was good flavours and very enjoyable for a hot summer’s day meal outside with salad.

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