46. Simple pan-fried lemon sole with parsley & browned butter

Home Cooking Made Easy p91

Somehow I didn’t really fancy “Simple pan-fried lemon sole with parsley & browned soya butter,” so baby cookingfanatic had to make do with bolognese, while we had the real dairy deal.

Does soya butter even do that browning thing? Anyway, baby cookingfanatic’s tastebuds aren’t very sophisticated and he doesn’t seem to need variety, so he can eat bolognese every day now, while we eat interesting food with dairy in it.

This is a great simple dish which takes less than 20 minutes (so you can make it while the potatoes cook). I started by skinning the lemon sole. I’m not very good with fish, but I don’t understand why one fish had darker skin than the others – are they all lemon sole?

I’ve talked about skinning fish here. You then coat the fish in seasoned flour and fry in sizzling butter for about 30 seconds each side. This ensures that the fish stays lovely and moist. Keep the fish warm while browning the butter in the pan.

My first lot of butter went black because I burned it whilst distracted, so keep a good eye on it. Add some parsley and pour the sauce over the fish. Add a squeeze of lemon juice (but really not very much, because it can be overpowering). Serve with new potatoes with creme fraiche and herbs, and a nude salad (i.e. undressed – the butter sauce is enough).

Great moist fish, ready really quickly. It’s an ideal summer dish when you want really fresh flavours.

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