44. Puffed up pitta bread

Home Cooking Made Easy p49

I feel cheated. I always thought pitta bread was unleavened bread, and that my lunch of pitta, houmous and olives was sort of Jewish. Well it’s not. Pitta bread contains yeast. My life has been a lie. It was a little bit like when I found out “Butter”kist microwave popcorn is dairy free.

Mourning over, on to the recipe.

It’s very simple to make. I swapped wholemeal flour for rye flour, because that’s what I had in the cupboard. I put all the ingredients in the bread maker apart from the water and added that gradually (using Dough setting) until it made a dough. I let the machine knead it for about 10 minutes and then transferred it to a bowl to rise for an hour.

You then split into 8 pieces and roll them out roughly into ovals. They don’t have to be indentical or particularly neat – they’ll turn out rustic! Get the oven steamy using ice cubes or a water spray and cook the pittas for about 10 minutes until they puff up. One of mine didn’t puff up, but it still tasted nice.

The bread is a little bit sweet because it contains honey, and it’s soft and keeps well for a couple of days.

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