Strawberry filled cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Apparently berries are “the way nature intended for us to cram our bodies full of oracs.” No, not whales, that’s orcas. Oracs stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity, so it basically just means antioxidants. Strawberries “contain all the summer micronutrients, but they also encourage iron absorption for the formation of strong blood.” If you honestly think this is a good reason to eat strawberries, you’re deluded. We eat strawberries because they taste so good.

So with no further justification, here is a strawberry cupcake recipe. Many thanks to The Oven Mitt blog, where I found it: The Oven Mitt. I’ve made a nice pdf of the recipe, with a few British conversions (honestly, who measures butter in cups?): strawberrycupcakes.

I prepared the strawberry filling and the frosting in advance as I was baking with a child.

We then made the cupcake recipe together, which was pretty simple. It made about 22 cupcakes. Piping the strawberry mixture into the cakes was not particularly easy. I tried using my squeezy piping tool:

but the nozzle was too small for the strawberry chunks, so the strawberry filling exploded all over the worktop, which was fun. I tried making a piping bag out of greaseproof paper (Lorraine would be proud), but that also failed. I think the answer is to try to make more of a hollow in the cakes, perhaps using a spoon, and then use a piping bag or tool with quite a wide nozzle. I just improvised and did ok.

We then frosted the cakes, and placed a slice of strawberry on each one.

Delightful! I also made a batch using dairy-free margarine and made my own “butter” icing, so I can tell you the cupcake mix is absolutely delicious, and I’m told the cream cheese icing was great too.

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