37. Herbed baked Scotch eggs

Home Cooking Made Easy p20

Another thing Lorraine Pascale and I have in common (apart from our supermodel good looks) is a penchant for Scotch eggs. Thank goodness she’s come up with a great recipe to feed our habit.

When you have boiled the eggs, immediately run cold water over them until they are cold. If they don’t cool down quickly enough, you get a grey ring around the yolk (which doesn’t affect the taste, just doesn’t look as good).

It’s pretty easy to assemble the Scotch eggs if you lay out a little assembly line of eggs, flour, sausagemeat, beaten egg and breadcrumbs.

To get the sausagemeat onto the egg, you put a circle of meat on some clingfilm. Use the clingfilm to pull up the meat around the egg.

The finished item ready to be cooked:

Unfortunately, during cooking, the casing split open on the eggs.

I have no idea why they did that, but I just turned them over so the hole was on the bottom!

They looked and tasted good, but they were really huge! I wouldn’t make this recipe very often, because I found them a bit big for lunch really. However, I did see some exciting news about black pudding Scotch eggs at Waitrose, so perhaps I would try them again with the addition of some black pudding!

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