31. Warm & cosy coq au vin

Home Cooking Made Easy p92

I have a problem with “The Little Paris Kitchen” currently on BBC. Rachel Khoo is pretending to do real French food, but she’s adding so much of a British twist that it’s about as French as the doughy baguettes you get in English supermarkets. She cooks croque madame with sliced bread, lamb stew with mint sauce (the French hate mint sauce with meat) and coq au vin kebabs. As the guardian reviewer pointed out, “I already know how to cook coq au vin the wrong way, so I don’t need much help.”

Speaking of which, this week I cooked Lorraine’s simple coq au vin recipe. Just frying the pancetta pieces got me in the mood for our upcoming French holiday. I followed the recipe pretty much as she said. However, the crazy Tesco pickers didn’t get me enough chestnut mushrooms, so I had to substitute more porcini. Also, Lorraine says 8-10 shallots. I went for 8, because peeling shallots is really a labour of love, and I don’t love them that much!

You do make quite a volume, but it just fitted (fat?) in my large saute pan.

Coq au vin is traditionally served with wide noodles, but I served with rice. Potatoes would do as well.

Lovely deep rich sauce. Who needs Rachel Khoo?

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