29. Sweet potato & salmon fish cakes with chives & lime

Home Cooking Made Easy p99

The way Lorraine talks about sweet potatoes, you’d think they were some kind of novelty. Her description starts “I cracked open one of these sweet potatoes recently …” That’s a clever trick. It continues “… to be greeted with an exotic-looking orange flesh.” Was this a surprise, Lorraine? What kind of a chef are you that you aren’t familiar with the colour of sweet potatoes? Though obviously, we already know they’re not her favourite orange root vegetable (see carrots).

Trying really hard to 'crack open' the sweet potato

You first poach the fish and sweet potato in stock for 10 minutes until cooked through. I used trout instead of salmon because it’s cheaper and just as nice. It did have a few bones in though.

The cooked potato 'gives' nicely

Then drain and add paprika, lime juice, seasoning, egg and finely chopped chives. Or just snip them in like I did.

Mash it all together and form into 4-8 fish cakes. Dip the fish cakes in egg and breadcrumbs.

The messy fishcake-making-station
The beautifully neat finished product

You can shallow fry them, but I baked in the oven for about 20 minutes and served in oven-bottom muffins with lettuce and mayonnaise.

These are very easy to make, but also very tasty and extremely filling. I was worried about the sweetness of the potato and whether that would be overpowering. Going round my head was the phrase “floral, sweet, oaty, fish-biscuit,” but thankfully it turned out to be a great combination!

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